Ontario Association of Police Motor Instructors

Provide a medium for credible training, equipment and information sharing for all police motorcycle operators.

The safest and most skilled police motorcycle operators in North America through co-operative training and development.


The OAPMI members and their respective police services have a strong interest in achieving the highest level of competent police motorcycle training in the interest of safety and professionalism.

The members of the OAPMI believe that a broad base of experience will foster innovative training and positive research while reaping the benefits of reduced hours required to develop training standards and lesson plans.

VIP escorts and other special events in our province require joint forces cooperation on police motorcycles. The OAPMI members believe there is a need to have a cohesive team of police motorcycle operators who have similar knowledge of what to expect from another service rider.  This will improve the level of safety and the professional appearance of our province and the involved services.

Since 1997, the OAPMI have been committed to ensuring that Ontario police services have a positive and proactive relationship with the Ministry of Transportation. The Association has been instrumental in the Graduated Licensing System process and how it affects our police motorcycle training.

In conclusion, the OAPMI will ensure that each instructor is suitable for the position and able to present the information with confidence and competence.  This, along with the necessary relationships of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, the Ministry of Transportation and the professional programs developed by the Ontario Association of Police Motorcycle Instructors, will save time, energy and money while promoting safe motorcycle operations and officer safety.