2016 Rule Changes

Division Classification / Motorcycle Requirements



1) ELIGIBILITY:  Competition is open to all Law Enforcement Officers including Auxiliary/Reservists and any other person authorized by the Board of Directors. All members of the Competition Board of Directors may compete in the Competition except those assigned to the Rules Panel. (See Rule #29). Competitors should note that they must participate in all three elements (Main, Slow Ride, and Challenge) to be eligible for Overall Scoring.




A rider who has never competed in a police motorcycle competition, seminar or similar event. A rider can only be a Novice once. All Novice riders are automatically registered and encouraged to compete in the Intermediate division as well as the Novice.

A rider who has competed in one or more police motorcycle competition, seminar, or similar event, to a maximum of 5 events.  That being said, nothing prohibits a rider who meets the intermediate criteria from electing to compete in the expert class.


Any Intermediate competitor who has competed in more than 5 police motorcycle competitions, seminars, or similar events, shall be assigned to the Expert Division the following year.


A rider who has won Overall Champion or Mr. Rodeo of this or any other police motorcycle competition, seminar, or similar event.



2) MOTORCYCLE REQUIREMENTS:  Competitors must compete on a Police Motorcycle that is equipped in the “Normal Deployment Configuration”. ***Note*** “Normal Deployment Configuration” is defined as: How a department/service outfits its motorcycles for everyday use/patrol.  A Motorcycle that is equipped with ABS the system shall not be deactivated.

A rider who meets the eligibility requirements to be a competitor but wishes to utilize a non police agency registered motorcycle must notify the Board of Directors prior to registering and attending the event.